Fantin Service has more than twenty years of experience in delicate goods transportation in the European territory, with our qualified staff will take care of your delicate goods that will be delivered exactly on time and in the expected way. Every detail regarding the vehicles’ stowage and unloading is scrupulously followed to give you a transport service which is flawless under every aspect.

Our customers’ various requirements for transport and complementary services are studied in all respects and tailored solutions are proposed. We have box and curtainside trucks and cargo vans quipped with freight elevator and trolleys in order to ease the loading and unloading operations of palletized and heavy freight.


We are located in Padova and specialized in:

  • Transport of delicate goods
  • Transport of technological goods
  • Transport of medical and hospital equipment with installation and removal service
  • Transport with positions of trust and personal service
  • Transport of furniture for stores
  • Transfer of offices and laboratories
  • Transfer conference areas, trade shows, conventions, social and cultural events, etc.
  • Express transports with mandatory delivery


We have a warehouse equipped with fork-lift for the temporary storage of your goods so as to satisfy all your logistic needs.



We have box and curtainside trucks, all equipped of side freight elevators and complying to the most recent regulations regarding ecology.

The set-up of every truck and van has been taken care of to the slightest details in order to guarantee the transport of your delicate goods with complete safety.

Every motor vehicle is continuously kept in full technical efficiency with overhauls and planned checks from authorized garages.

It is our definite rule that every truck or van be inspected by the assigned staff before each transport, maximum professionalism and precision for maximum punctuality and safety of your goods.